Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thank you!

Dear Supporters, I don’t like losing one bit, but my mayoral campaign felt like a victory of sorts – and that’s what many people have told me since my 2011 run for Saanich Mayor.

On the numbers, we were short by about 1500 votes, yet we got nearly ten thousand people moving in a progressive direction. That’s new in Saanich! The incumbent won (as tends to happen municipally), but got less votes then he did in the previous election.

A Snap-shot of E-Day at the Cubbs HQ
In addition, we moved participation from one-in-five to one-in-four, and we got virtually all of the new voters. This shows there’s latent appetite for change, and that it can be galvanized.

We need to be more competitive in the air, where we were outgunned by costly advertising: big signs, large newspaper ads, glitzy brochures, TV advertising, and the consolidation of support a slate provides to a mayoral campaign.
Where we won was on the ground – on the doorstep, in the remarkable volunteer effort and in the community response. Not enough, but powerful and very encouraging for the future.
I’m proud of putting a real platform in front of voters. That’s never happened in Saanich before! We focused on real issues: from Uptown and civic engagement in planning our future, to transit, farming and a senior-friendly community.
The spotlight we shone on the devastation of Babe’s Honey was the push needed for the province to finally okay a ground-breaking bylaw. It had been sitting on the Ministers desk but as our campaign focused on the issue and got the media asking tough questions, change suddenly happened and now municipalities can regulate fill-dumping on agricultural land.
To those who voted for me: thank you! 45% of Saanich voted for change and that should send a strong message to those in power.

I want to especially thank each and every one of my supporters for giving me the best campaign experience in over two decades in public life. I can’t thank my all-volunteer campaign team enough for their dedication, creativity and support. And special thanks to my campaign manager, Samuel Godfrey, for his professionalism and dedication, and for skillfully orchestrating the work of our superb team.

Let me end by congratulating the newly-elected Mayor and Council. You have taken on an important and challenging civic duty and I wish you all the very best.


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  1. I hope you will try again for Mayor in the next municipal election. I didn't vote for you in the last election but now that I feel more informed and aware of how the current council runs it feels to me like an old boys hang out. Saanich needs change and someone who will have their own opinion and not what others want it to be.